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About BoldPM

We are a product management and marketing consulting firm that inspires the next generation of product executives, founders and leaders to grow high performing product teams and implement processes and tools to turn ideas into valuable products customers love to increase product profitability and accelerate business growth.

Hector Del Castillo 

Hector is a product executive with over 20 years of experience helping mid-market digital companies launch world-class offerings faster. He sparks creativity and innovation within teams to substantially transform and grow companies and achieve smarter product outcomes faster. He has launched over 35 products resulting in over 26% increase in profitability. 

He loves to work with people who want to make a massive positive impact in the world. He helps executives, senior managers and entrepreneurs grow high performing teams to conceive and build great products and companies that change the world.

As a consultant and coach, he accelerates business growth by guiding product executives and senior managers, building high performing product teams, improving product life cycle processes, and deploying best in class tools to achieve smarter product outcomes and multiply the value they deliver to customers.

Hector is an internationally recognized product innovation expert who guides, coaches, trains and inspires business leaders to transform and grow their companies for greater competitive advantage. He has delivered over 250 inspiring lectures in U.S. and over 12 countries.

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